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The earth was ravaged by a natural disaster of unknown origin, and the land swept by the natural disaster appeared to contain the mysterious energy of the mineral "source stone". With the advancement of technology, the source stone was gradually used in industry and civilization advanced by leaps and bounds. However, the source stone itself also created the existence of the "infected". The Infected, those infected with ore diseases caused by the Source Stones, were targeted for quarantine and expulsion by various countries because of their potentially dangerous abilities and the contagiousness of their deaths. "The Integration Movement was originally an unproductive group of infected people, but the emergence of a subversive Tallulah brought more and more infected people into the group's wave of rebellion as they tried to fight for justice in the world by force. As the resistance grows stronger, the medical institution "Rhode Island" suddenly intervenes, turning the whole situation into an unknown development. Players will face the unprecedented integration movement riot together with Rhode Island's cadres. The player will travel among the various forces, discovering the hidden secrets and resisting the surprise attack of the integration movement. 

Take on the role of a key member of Rhode Island, a pharmaceutical company fighting both a deadly infection and the turmoil it brings. You will work with your leader, Amia, to recruit cadre members, train them, and then assign them to various operations to protect the innocent and resist those who would drive the world into turmoil.

Your tactics will determine the future of Rhode Island. Fight for the Dawn!

-Gorgeous anime style gameplay, with the perfect combination of RPG and strategy elements

-Hundreds of unique cadres with different professions open up countless gameplay options

-Automatic deployment system to free your hands

-Pioneer a home, just as you want it, with a base building system

・Powerful soundtrack and some of the most famous Japanese voice actors will bring you a sublime listening experience.


How to play

The game is a tower defense game, but the gameplay incorporates many of the previous games in the same genre, with an emphasis on character collection, team building and development, and more complex terrain and map object elements. In addition, the levels that have been passed can be automatically fought through the agent command function, which allows the program to record the recent player's playing habits. The characters that appear in the game are called cadres. There are two positions (melee position and long-range position) and eight professions (vanguard, close guard, heavy armor, special, medical, warlock, sniper, and support). Among them, the vanguard, guard, heavy belong to the melee position (some special cadres can be placed in the remote position), used to block the advancing enemy; medical, artisan, sniper, support belong to the remote position, used to attack at a distance, but usually can only block one enemy (special level); and the placement of special varies from cadre to cadre, but most of them are placed in the melee position. Players must place these cadres in appropriate positions to intercept enemies attacking from intrusion points and prevent them from entering the protected objective.


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