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    Feb 9, 2023

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Have you ever seen a bullet parkour game with simple graphics, stress relieving content and easy operation? The simple elements that make up the entire game, the bullet stack and the shooting alternative, create a new form of entertainment in the parkour genre, it is definitely a great relaxation game to relieve stress and release your mood, once you start playing it, you will appreciate the fun and can't help but keep playing.

Bullet Stack follows the authentic action parkour style and incorporates shooting gameplay, which completely captures the love of male players and gives players who love parkour and gun games a new direction to try. The game is a great way to collect bullets, load them into your gun, beat all the obstacles in front of you, feel the excitement of shooting, and win diamonds for the bullets you collect.

Collect as many bullets as you can! They will give you more diamonds, use them to unlock more models of guns, expand your arsenal, give you more options for your bullet corps and make your bullets produce more power!

The game features classic 3D motion graphics, with smooth graphics that make parkour incredibly silky smooth, and contrasting colour compositions that give a deep visual impact, each with its own unique colour to form a colourful game scene.Players lead the Bullet Corps through the obstacles, charting the best parkour and shooting lines and racing to the winning!


How to play

Bullet Stack is a bullet stacking based parkour game that starts with a single bullet. By moving left and right, jumping and other actions, you can dodge and shoot obstacles on the way and collect as many bullets as possible.

Collect more bullets and power-ups

The game is all about bullets and energy, so not only do you need to collect more bullets, you also need to keep an eye on your energy levels, make a reasonable route during your parkour and collect energy levels that you can't. When you absorb enough energy levels, the colour of your bullets will change accordingly, and the more energy levels you absorb, the more energy your bullets will generate when you fire them.

Choosing the right gun

As you collect bullets, you may encounter balloons, walls, monsters etc. blocking your path. Don't worry about wasting bullets, as the number of bullets you use will be converted into a corresponding number of diamonds and returned to you. Diamonds can be used to buy different types of guns and also to buy power-ups. If the number of bullets you have collected is less than the number of bullets you need to use this time, you will need to restart the level.

Accumulate diamonds to unlock more guns

In the previous levels, when you reach the end, the bullets you have collected will be loaded into the bullet wall and you will receive different amounts of diamonds.

In the later levels, once you reach the end, you need to choose your gun to aim and knock down houses and monsters, aiming to fire at the centre of the house makes it easier for the house to be knocked down. When the house is knocked down there will be gift boxes to unlock different gun types and generous diamond rewards at random. If the house is not brought down on this level, you will still be rewarded with fewer diamonds and you will be able to fire bullets at it on the next level until the house is brought down.


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