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    June 7, 2021

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Dragon Raja is a leading game engine (UE4), with the most powerful graphics on mobile and infinite fantasy MMORPG. In the game, a grand open world is waiting for you to explore freely. With diverse character appearance and personality customization, plus a creative career system, it's time for players to start a unique gaming life in Dragon Fantasy. In addition, the game's powerful social system allows you to gather your friends to experience this epic masterpiece with you anytime, anywhere. With four distinctive professions, various exquisite copies and arenas, you can explore the big world freely while experiencing the best PvE and PvP experience on mobile.

Fine painting quality with visual impact

1. The most dazzling 3A-grade graphics quality on mobile gives players a chance to put the PC gaming experience in their pockets.

2. The game's production utilizes the current industry-leading game engine (UE4), along with day and night cycles, cloudy and sunny changes, seasonal cycles and real lighting and shadow effects, presenting players with a vivid big world.

3. Million-level exquisite plane modeling with instantiated three-dimensional rendering technology

Macro open big world

1. a grand world view based on rich storyline already world iconic buildings and scenes

2. open-ended plot with multiple endings, the world will be changed by the players. For example, NPCs will give players different reactions and tasks based on the decisions they make.

3. Iconic landmarks and scenes

Character customization

1. Multi-dimensional customization of character appearance to meet all your needs for appearance

2. the game has a unique career system where you can choose multiple identities to become whoever you want to be, such as a Michelin chef, a superstar, or even a race car driver.

3. Thousands of visual styles to match, trendy and handsome, cute or sexy, you can choose from all kinds of styles!

Real-time combat

1. Experience the unprecedented smoothness created by the highly realistic engine

2. Support up to 100 players to fight at the same time PvP magnificent field, come to find the feeling of fighting with various experts

3. The game supports world boss cross-services battles, allowing players from different servers to join in the intense world war!

Fight alongside global players

1. dynamic timeline of friends

2. built-in voice of the game

3. Build the strongest community

4. rich team play

5. Super interaction between characters

6. summon partners and form bonds

The dragons that ruled the world in the past have awakened, and the powerful dragons are trying to rule the world again. But the will of freedom has long been engraved in the bones and blood of human beings, they are willing to gamble their lives to become human-dragon hybrids, relying on the power from the enemy and the most cutting-edge human technology to arm themselves, resist the oppression of the dragons and save the world.


How to play

1. Choose a career that suits your style of play

In the game, each profession has a different impact on the game and fighting style.

2. Pay attention to all your choices

All choices you make in the game will affect your character in various ways. Each choice adds to your character in some area, so it is important to read all the answers (when you have multiple choices) and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

It's important not to skip reading and pick randomly, as they will affect the character's personality in the long run.

To see your current character traits, click on the character icon in the upper left corner of the screen and go to the "Features" tab. Here you can see how your character's DNA has developed and see all the available traits.

3. How to gain more attributes

By completing the main story missions and anecdotes, you can essentially increase your personality attribute stats. Each answer has a different impact, so try to pay attention to them rather than choosing one at random.

Personality traits are important because they unleash various anecdotes and each personality essentially affects the game in some way. Depending on the color of your personality (using color coding), you will receive different titles with stats that may affect your character in some way.

4. Use titles that provide you with bonus stats

Certain titles in the game provide you with additional stats, and no matter how good the other titles are, you should try to use the ones that will give you additional stats because they improve your character a lot.

There is one that is not easy to obtain, but you will eventually achieve it, and it is very useful. The "Light of Hope" title will unlock when you score 58,000, giving you P. ATK +20 and M. ATK +20, so this is very useful. That's why it's important to always keep your character intact!


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