Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA

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    April 1, 2021

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    Poxel Studios Games
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Offline open world sandbox fun

Dude Theft Wars is a fun physics based open world sandbox game and sandbox life simulator and perfect ragdoll DUDE simulator with realistic car physics, many fun mods with amazing offline mode and online story mode.

You can roam freely around the city, drive cars, do ragdoll stunts in DUDE MAFIA CITY and earn cash!

The goal of this fun physics-based open world sandbox game is to enjoy the freedom it gives you to do whatever you want in an open environment World Sandbox Mafia City like a pro

Roam around the free Mafia City like a pro, play many mini games, help dudes, play dancing games or take selfies with dudes or charm them by throwing grenades!


A FPS sandbox life simulator game

The best online Fps experience mode in online Fps multiplayer games

Driving many cars in an open world sandbox driving simulator

Best open world online Fps shooter game

Online Fps multiplayer mode with up to 16 players

Explore the beautiful mafia city

Challenging shooting game

Fun sandbox driving simulator

In open world sandbox life simulator

Play mini-games 

Find secrets and secrets in the sandbox simulator

Interesting ragdoll 



How to play

Online FPS Multiplayer Shooter

Jack used to live a normal life and one day Call of Duty changed his life and Call of Duty is the call to PvP online FPS multiplayer in Parkour Playground

If you like ragdoll shooters, play online Fps multiplayer mode. Play online FPS multiplayer at Dude Mafia City now. If you like ragdoll shooters, then this multiplayer mode currently has many maps to play. Defeat enemy ragdolls many times and you can earn buddy ranks in online FPS mode

Drive a car and fly a plane

If you like to drive cars for free and thus drive again good you drive, bad you drive, fast drive or slow you drive. Ride a bike or fly in the open sky, explore a mafia city full of fun dudes or enjoy a helicopter ride in this open world sandbox life simulator!

Everyone loves cars like sports cars, cabs and vintage cars. You can sell cars in the car store to earn cash and buy new ones. Have a car? Then buy a garage and save your car for the next time you drive in first-person life!


Dude Theft Wars is a first-person life simulator with many features. There are 3 characters, Jack, Richie and Chad

Jack has an iDude phone for ordering cars, taking fun selfies with other Dudes, and Perform fun moves with your car, perform stunts with your car, show Noob Dudes you're cool and earn cash. Jump from the car and watch your ragdoll fly through the air with fun ragdoll physics. Save your progress in the game at any time


If the player kills Dudes or damages cars by shooting or throwing grenades, the wanted level will increase. The police will catch up with you and let you enjoy the shooting game

If you commit a crime, then the armed forces will be equipped with more powerful cars and helicopters and snipers to launch your ragdolls in the sky

If you are arrested just pay the fine and enjoy the open world sandbox life simulator

So many mini games

Play this free game like basketball games and free games bowling inside different mini games

There are many games for free such as free cab driving games, free zombie games and many more free mini games

If you are bored, then go to town and play mini games like bowling and basketball, or show your bravery by winning the zombie outbreak challenge, or become a good buddy for others by driving a cab as a cab driver!

New Online FPS

Multiplayer maps Multiplayer maps like JackStreet, Noobtown , Parkour Playground are the best maps in ragdoll shooting games. Enjoy the fun of FPS multiplayer games. You can do anything in this ragdoll shooter game like kill targets and shoot more things that the game offers, all these exciting experiences are here with the new Fps online multiplayer game mode


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