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Build your mighty Empire at Game of War - Fire Age now. Join this online war game and compete with others. Challenge the master and battle for ruling the Kingdom in Game of War. The most addicting and interactive RPG game gives you the best action strategy game experience ever. Play and chat with millions of online users in real-time freely. On the World Map, you’re able to train your armies and join battles. Give your teammates and enemies special titles in the Kingdom, customize your very own Empire and train your heroes with legendary weapons. The newest version comes with an all new Core Crafting and Alliance City. Join it now and enjoy every battle of it!Features . Build, create and customize your very own Empire.  Decide your role as a soldier, leader or builder.  Train, level-up, and deck out your Heroes . Conquer the Wonder World to become the almighty Emperor!  Train your armies to join the action-packed battles on World Map. Real-time chatting and playing with online players all ovwe the world.


How to play

The game features player-versus-player battles, player-versus-environment mode (killing monsters and dungeons) and city-building missions. Players can collect or farm resources to build buildings, produce armies, and research progress. Similar to other mobile games, much of the gameplay consists of selecting actions and then waiting for the default time to complete them or paying to speed up the progress of the missions.

The game places considerable importance on each player who joins an alliance. Each alliance is limited to 100 players and is located within a 512 x 512 square kingdom and on a 512 x 1024 interlaced isometric map. Alliances also provide a team-based structure for conflicts within each kingdom. After a few months of being active in a kingdom, in order to protect the kingdom they belong to, players are able to start participating in kingdom-to-kingdom battle events, which are regularly scheduled by the developers. Play in Game of War: Age of Fire does not have a clear ending; experienced players can continue to grow indefinitely, fight other players, and avoid suffering significant losses.

In addition, Game of War: Age of Fire also encourages players to communicate with each other through Alliance Chat and Kingdom Chat. The game's chat system also includes a translation service so that players from all over the world can participate together

Game of War - Fire Ag


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