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    March 22, 2021

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Do you like war games? Do you dream of becoming a weapon designer? Join Gun Builder 3D Simulator application, design your own weapon and use it in the game with your friends. Run the application, select the weapon model, add accessories and prepare for virtual battles. Choose your target, pull the shutter and shoot.

Realistic shooting sounds, weapon charging and drum spinning visuals will make others believe it's real. Improve weapon design until the desired combat characteristics and effects are achieved. Share collected weapons with friends and check accuracy in virtual battles. Play and learn weapons to become a great designer.

Please note that Gun Builder 3D Simulator application is created for gaming and entertainment. Virtual weapons cannot cause damage or harm the health of others. All weapons with attachments are freely unlockable. When the player creates his own unique weapon, the game allows the player to take screenshots and share them with his friends through different social networking sites. After building a weapon, the player can use his device as a weapon and play new shooting games.Gun Builder Simulator Free offers the most prominent features such as tutorial mode, realistic sounds, super slow motion, unlocking new weapons and vibration sensors to fire.


How to play

Realistic shooting sounds, visual effects of the weapon's full drum spinning will make others think it is real. Improve the design of weapons until the desired striking characteristics and effects are achieved. Share the collection of weapons with friends and test it in virtual battles. Play and learn to become a great designer of weapons.

Choice of weapons: pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, etc.

- Choice of accessories: optical and laser sights, silencers, hoods, etc..

- Shooting at the firing range and aiming at the target.

- High-quality graphics.

- Audio-visual effects.


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