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    June 30, 2021

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Hello Neighbor is a horror survival cover-up game developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild. In the game, players must successfully enter the basement of their neighbor's house and uncover the neighbor's secrets. The game uses artificial intelligence to design the neighbors, and he will make corresponding defense according to the player's previous actions, such as placing traps on the player's previous route.

You can infiltrate your neighbor's house in the game and try to find out his secrets hidden in the basement. Fight against the advanced smart console, which will understand your every move. Like to enter through windows? Want a bear trap? Try to escape? He will find a shortcut. Everything will be out of your expectation. So you have to be careful when you sneak into his house and try to find the secret in his basement. The music is still very scary. It is not easy for you to accomplish all these tasks without any obstacles. So, be patient and always stay calm. The problem is that in this game your neighbor's hearing and eyesight are much improved, so you have to be careful, once you enter his house without doing anything, you might get caught and it will be a disaster.

Anyway, it's an exciting game. When you play it, you'll feel like you're a little boy in the house looking for the ultimate secret. You'll feel like your life is at stake. Everything is exciting. And your nerves are always on edge. But you'll eventually discover the secret and bring it to light. Good luck, smart!


How to play

The player's task is to find out the secrets hidden in the basement of the neighbor. Players must invade the neighbor's house and collect props to find a way to enter the basement. While exploring the neighbor's house, the player cannot be found by the neighbor, otherwise he will start chasing the player. At this point if the player does not succeed in escaping, the neighbor will catch the player and send the player back to his home. At this point the player must re-enter the neighbor's home, but because of the neighbor's artificial intelligence, if you use the same method to enter may encounter obstacles such as traps.

Players can hold up to 4 items at the same time; the same items cannot be combined together.

The player will start out as a boy playing soccer on the road. While picking up the ball, the boy hears what sounds like a child screaming from the neighbor's house, so he walks forward and peeks through the window. The neighbor seems to be blocking the door to keep the screaming child inside from coming out, when he finds and catches the protagonist. The neighbor then hid the red key to the basement in the attic. As in the beta version, the protagonist must steal the key and open the passage to the basement. The protagonist enters the basement and finds a secret entrance to a mysterious room, from which he can observe and presume that he used to imprison other people here. The protagonist finds the hidden exit again and tries to find a way out. After the protagonist solves the puzzle and finds the exit of the maze where the protagonist is, the neighbor finds and chases the protagonist at the last moment. The protagonist runs towards the exit, but finds that the door is locked and is eventually caught by the neighbor.


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