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The new version improves the zooming and dragging effect. And you can now buy the ebook to print all mandala coloring pages at home. Mandala Coloring Pages has 100 Mandala coloring pages for both adults and kids. You can choose easy or complex ones to play. “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word. It means a circle, or metaphorically a universe, environment or community. For centuries, the Mandala is used as a tool to facilitate meditation. Try this super collection of mandala coloring pages and start from a simple one to pretty difficult mandalas. Have fun and get creative! Features: You can see have the best results with high resolution on large screens. 100 Mandala’s Easy yo play Press Undo button and start over Share your artwork Save them to your device You can use a tablet pen to fill small areas


How to play

The game features mandala patterns that you can refer to draw mandalas and design mandalas. You can color according to your creativity, interest and mood to create the best image.

-Color the game with 100 images of mandala art in various shapes and sizes. The coloring book offers you a rich collection of coloring pages for any taste! The application will bring tactile pleasure by placing pencils, crayons or brushes onto the coloring pages and turns your phone into the ideal tool to relax and improve your drawing skills. You can play with the pen or touch it on the screen. And draw your own new Rangoli templates for free.

And it is a free application that does not require any Internet connection. Have fun in the garden, during coffee breaks or on long flights. Relax and get creative. You can play it online or offline!

-Adult picture books

-Free coloring book

-colorfy coloring book

-Adult coloring book

The game has many coloring tools: pen, fill color, Join, share, save ....


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