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Monopoly is a casual, educational, classic board game about real estate. You will travel to the beautiful and historic New Sakura Tokyo. You will build a real estate empire of your own in a Japan where cherry blossoms are in full bloom!

I believe most people played the game Monopoly with their friends when they were children, several people together on a drawing to throw the sieve, build a house, etc., brought us a lot of fun, at present, with the development of technology, the game has been transferred to electronic devices, we can seek childhood fun at the same time, enjoy after the starting point, take a chance card, you can build the industry of your dreams... The thrill. But you have to be careful, the consequences of all this may be a prison sentence! No matter what happens along the way, you'll have endless fun along the way to victory!

And now Monopoly Kids Easy Edition, you can also let children participate in this exciting and fun game, the classic version is a parent-child game, for children to play is risk-free.

You do not have to worry that the game will take too much of your time. You can use the fast mode of the game and you can finish the game in an hour or less than that. Also don't worry about consuming a lot of time in jail, you will build hotels faster, become a successful landlord faster and end the game after the first player goes bankrupt and you will become the richest Real Estate Tycoon king.

All in all roll the dice, buy, sell, build and plan is the core of the entire game to become the King of Monopoly! It's up to you to make your own decisions. Of course you will not become boring and tedious in the game, you can invite your friends and family to experience the thrill of real estate tycoon, let's enter the Monopoly world together!


How to play

The goal of the game is to require you to play against each other through chess, so as to get the props and money you need. In fact, as long as you master the rhythm of the game in the opening game, it will be easy to get a lot of wealth.

Properties can be acquired in the game by acquiring houses or hotels, or other transactions, and you need to find ways to increase the value of the properties so that you can get expensive rents from their players.

You need to roll a set of two dice on the map separately to get points and move clockwise according to the points so that it is a game turn. If you roll two dice to get the same number of points, then you will Doubles, but don't worry, you still get another chance to play another round.

If you move and stay on a piece of property that has no owner, then congratulations, you will be able to buy it, but you can also choose to put it up for auction, when you buy a property, this property will belong to you, you can build them into houses or hotels (to increase their value), so that others who come to housing will pay rent to you.

If your cash can't pay the rent, you will have to trade the property or release the detention card. If you need more cash, there is another way: you can get cash by selling your house, hotel or mortgaged property. But a mortgaged property cannot collect rent for the duration of the mortgage, but of course you can always pay the property's initial price to redeem the mortgaged property.

If you are so far in debt that even selling the mortgaged property will not change the situation, then you will declare bankruptcy and the game is over. Doesn't it sound attractive? Bring your family and friends to feel the excitement!


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