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Monster Legends is a game in which users can collect monsters and make them fight in the final battle. They can discover new skills, collect monsters and bring them to battle sites. Users can build hospitable worlds with unique habitats throughout Monster Legends. One of the most important features that will appeal to players is that Monster Legends features a 'Team Battle' mode, which allows users to battle with other players. monster Legends is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Upgrade the game with RPG Mechanics: Level up monsters in the lab and upgrade them with RPG Mechanics. You can also break the limit and make the monster skill upgrades to first place. Multiplayer mode available: In this game you can climb the leagues by dueling other players in multiplayer mode to become the leader of the legends. Also, you can team up with other Monster Masters to strategise, chat and battle in the epic Team Battle.

Build a strategy: With Monster Legends, users can battle legendary monsters to develop a strategy and customise a monster team containing tanks, supporters and attackers to suit your needs. They can also take monsters through the adventure map to complete quests and earn rewards for a limited time.

Monster Collection: There are over 500 monsters to collect in this game. Players can also feed their monsters and have them breed new species of creatures. Build houses for monsters: In Monster Saga, users can choose to build a monster paradise for all monsters on those magical floating islands where they can have habitats, breeding grounds and farms.

In addition, when upgrading, they can find new areas such as libraries, monster labs, etc. BenefitsCollection of over 300 monstersThis game contains a unique team warfare element by joining an alliance with access to exclusive team monstersDrawbacksIt doesn't always provide you with access to the horde you have acquired.



How to play

How to breed species fast in Monster Saga game?

1. Gold

Gold is the main currency of the game, so you will need a lot of it throughout the game. You will need it to clear islands, build habitats for monsters and much more. Natural habitats will bring in a great harvest to help you get a good start in the early game. Later on (and later on), when the Dark Habitat becomes available, you will have to replace your Natural Habitat, as the Darkness is somehow more profitable.

2. Establishing priorities

Due to the presence of breeding slots, it is vital that you get your hatchery up to level 3 as soon as possible. This is one of the purposes of our gem accumulation. Another thing to keep in mind is workers. Many players advise newbies to buy all 5 workers and stress how important it is to keep things going all the time.

Getting all the workers isn't really a priority. You will only have 4 of them and that's it, because in most cases you won't be maxing out the queue. Early on, having two is great. We will wait until much later to start fighting for more.

After the hatchery, the hyper-breeding tree should be the next item. When it is halved, you get 75 gems for the value gained from it. With it, you can breed two different groups of monsters at once.

3. Island Clearance

If you're new to Monster Legends, one of the first things you'll notice is that your home island is covered in obstacles that prevent you from dropping buildings and habitats. For this reason, most of your early games will focus on clearing space to make room for your setup. Depending on the size of the obstacles, it will take a certain amount of time and gold to clear them.

In the back row to the north of where the hatchery is initially placed, there are some huge rocks to start with that require 15k gold, and there is even a rock that will set you back 125k. given the importance of gold, these are huge investments and you should definitely do them later. First, clear the trees, bushes and tiny rocks.

4. Keep the food

Since we need food to upgrade our monsters, you can bet that this resource is something you need to focus on, and there is plenty of it. You won't have a lot of food at the beginning of the game, so you'll need to choose a food that is easy to grow and doesn't require a lot of gold. Don't forget that our first task is to clear the island. You might think that rainbow snow peas are the way to go, but that's not the case. At least not until much later.

5. Team

Progressing through the game depends a lot on your monster team. Your squad is responsible for taking you through dungeons, adventure maps and multiplayer modes. As you can get two powerful monsters early on, Vapwhirl and Concidius (which are dragon beasts), you will need to build your first core team around them.

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