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    October 30, 2020

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It's a school day in my town, and how exciting! Get ready for another adventure in which you can create your own story, teach your own curriculum, role-play in your own school play, and more! There are 9 school locations, including art and science classrooms, new school friends characters available in all our other My City games.

New Features

Some cool new features have been added by fan request

Favourites - Favourites category that gives you quick access to your favourite characters.

Weather - Sun, rain or snow? You control the weather.

Hope you enjoy these, and be sure to rate and send comments if you'd like.


How to play


My Town: High School has nine interesting places in which you can create your own story and explore. Take a seat in the principal's office, listen to the latest gossip from the school cafeteria, conduct science experiments and discover all the hidden locations around the school.

Let your imagination run wild, easily move characters and items between our other games and have fun after-school activities with your new friends? You can do it!

1. Your new high school has 9 locations to explore. Art class, science class, gym class, the school auditorium, the principal's office, the courtyard, the cafeteria and more!

2. Many new characters and school friends that you can move between in other My City games.

3. Hidden treasures and brain puzzles. Are you smart enough to discover everything?

Kid safe - no 3rd party ads and IAP. pay once, update forever for free!


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