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    October 30, 2020

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Live the life of the rich and famous with your own mansion, the Mansion is the perfect place to create a luxury adventure! Check out the mansion rooms, upgrade your ride in the high-tech garage, travel around by helicopter, and you can even prepare sumptuous sushi meals with the ultra-modern roboChef.

Recommended age group

4-12 year olds: 4 year olds are easy to play with and 12 year olds can enjoy themselves. My City games are safe to play even when parents are not in the room.

Connecting the game to other My City games.

Make sure you have all My City games installed and updated in your device.

Play together

We support multi-touch, so kids can play games with friends and family on the same screen!


How to play

 9 great locations! Garages, tarmacs, vaults, pools and more. Explore them all and be dazzled!

- You can play as 20 characters in other My City games and move around in them!

- Become a real rock star and ride in your own helicopter!

- Personalize your cool cars in the high-tech garage and take them to other My City games!

- Discover hidden locations, caches and gifts.

- Hidden treasures and brain puzzles. Can you be smart enough to find everything?

- Daily gifts and furniture, upgrade your home and closet.

- All My City games are interconnected, easily move characters and items between games.

- Play at your own pace, stress-free gameplay, and extremely high playability.

- Child-safe. No third party ads and IAPs. pay once and get free updates forever.


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