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    June 3, 2021

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Beyond the adventure, the mega-adventure RPG, [Seven Deadly Sins: Battle of Light and Darkness] is a game that has taken the world by storm! Enjoy the original through the battle of the new dimension!

Game features

Exciting battle system using skill combinations and powerful killing techniques

By placing the same skills side by side, you can upgrade to stronger skills!

Combination of cards will allow you to use the ultimate "kill technique".

Combining cards will allow you to use the ultimate "Combination Technique", and if you group heroes with higher bonds, you can use the more powerful "Combination Technique".

Perfectly suppress your opponent!

The original PvE system is perfectly proven!

Multi-player cooperative mode "Battle of Annihilation" where 2 players can challenge the demon gods instantly!

The "Cave of Training", which makes heroes more powerful!

The "Tower of Experimentation" where you can use various strategies to defeat powerful enemies in each season!

The Seven Deadly Sins characters have gone dark? The battle to become a real powerhouse, "Super Boss Battle"!

Different faces of characters that can only be seen in the game

Original costumes that can only be seen in the game!

Make your character your own style with various fashions!

Feel the different faces of the characters together!

Perfect reproduction of the original world

The legend of the holy war started again 3000 years ago!

Recreate the original story with high-quality 3D animation

Join the heroes and fight for the holy war with swords!

A real-time PvP system that allows for individual strategy!

Build your own team with the characters you've worked hard to develop!

Try various strategies!

Complete your own team through exciting real-time PvP with players from all over the world!

Join a guild and enjoy the rich content!

Cooperate with guild members from all over the world to achieve more growth and victory!

Each season's boss battle will feature a different guild boss, so work with your guild members to figure out how to attack it!

You will also have to fight guild battles with guilds all over the world!


How to play

It's hard to choose one of all roles to build your team, but, of course, choose the role higher up in our tier list to ensure success.

1. The teaching draw at the beginning of the game must come out, and only 1 SSR can come out.

1. Combination card skills

Active move and synthesize the card and use, will let the character get 3 must kill beads (move 1, synthesize 1, use one).

How to maximize the action requires more thought.

2. Judging enemy attacks

When there is a card on the enemy's head, it means that the enemy is going to perform actions (attack, defense, blood, etc.)

If the enemy has two sword pattern cards on his head, it means that the enemy will attack twice next time.

If it is a skull card, it means that the enemy will perform negative action.

When you are stuck in the main line, follow the level requirements to exercise your character, you can also go back to the first village to brush goodwill by the way to brush equipment.

The village goodwill can be obtained by donating money or recurring tasks (equipment or ingredients) repeatedly. When the village brush full of 5 heart good sense, you can continue to solve the side missions to finish, get the final reward of 30 diamonds.


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