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It's all fun and games when we watch zombie movies and shows, and we see many badass protagonists trying to fight their way through multiple zombies. But what if when you suddenly fall into the zombie world? In Z Escape, this happens to you when you try to save many people from the undead. Your only job is to use the machine gun attached to the helicopter to help civilians escape unharmed!

Z: Escape is a running shooter with a dark theme. The character of the game wakes up without remembering who or what he is. He destroys the trapped bio pod and notices the entire room of laboratory equipment.  A shocking thing happens to him in this lab space station, and as the station alarm goes off, he has no choice but to escape.

It's an action-packed experience, which means you'll have to master a lot if you want to save everyone. But don't worry, because that's what the Z Escape strategy guide is all about. It's packed with all the tricks you need to become the greatest zombie killer of all time. This game is a game designed to protect a group of survivors from an impending zombie attack. You ride in a helicopter with a big gun and it's up to you to stop the zombies before you land and fly safely. 

You can save the survivors and make them escape from the zombie horde. You will take the place of the machine gunner in the rescue operation in the helicopter. Vehicles will fly to the roofs of skyscrapers and infected people will chase people. In order to save the latter, you must shoot at the zombies and various objects that may hinder their progress. In order to successfully complete the operation, tedious work to save at least one person, so the game should be careful with fire.

Here, you must be a sharp and fast reaction and shooting ability super shooter to eliminate them all until the survivors board the helicopter.


How to play

In this game you need to use the arm plus cannon to escape from the space station.  Then reach the docking area of the space station.

Here you need to kill random enemies, in addition you also need to control the crowd to keep moving and help them to reach the end of the level victory, the game process, you need to shoot the red man to help the blue man escape, successfully complete the cover mission to pass, otherwise that is the game failure.

You need to help those who need to escape, pick up your guns to attack the enemies behind them and use helicopters and weapons to help the citizens escape, this is a duel game you control your character on the roof to escape, in the whole process of the game you do not fall down or be attacked by the enemy and always pay attention to their feet, when you are running away at the same time to avoid all obstacles and traps and also to avoid enemy attacks, you have to help your character to escape to a new city and there are 10 cities in this game.

The game has a large number of levels ready for you to challenge, and each level has a large number of obstacles and various traps.

You need to fully play their most flexible fingers in the game to help their characters escape.

This game is simple to use, the experience is also very good, interested in this fun way of playing partners hurry to Join the game together!


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