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With Beyond Our Lives you can experience an exciting narrative and investigative adventure game set in Tuscany, between past and present, in ancient Etruria.Sergio and Lavinia, fraternal friends since childhood, are united by a passion for archeology and for studies on the ancient Etruscan people. An unpredictable event, however, disrupts their lives by unleashing a surprising treasure hunt that will push the protagonists to investigate the meaning of life, death and the nature of their relationship.Main features:- An adventure and investigative game that will require you to collect clues, interrogate people and explore over 15 locations;- Visit Chiusi, Volterra, Populonia, Vetulonia, and their surroundings among nature and archaeological areas;- Original music composed by the well-known Polish musician Arkadiusz Reikowski;- Original screenplay with over 1000 dialogues.Video game made in collaboration with Toscana Promozione Turistica as part of the IN-Etruria project.



How to play

Horizontal style puzzle process, through a variety of hints to find the clues you want, may be hidden anywhere in the scene.

A variety of various scenes, you will appear from their own homes, in various parts of the city to explore in detail.

This journey may bring you a lot of gains, may be some insights or perhaps a change of perspective on some things.

Start your adventure to explore and collect clues through reconnaissance;

Simple way of operation, feel the interesting story;

Rich game levels, simple retro style graphics;

Test your eyesight and wisdom, experience the exciting challenge.

Very refreshing retro painting style, charming music, cute cartoon characters;

Simple operation and rich storyline;

Test the intelligence of the puzzle game, join the room escape plot;

Numerous levels to challenge at will.

The game they are passionate about archaeology and the study of ancient Etruscans. However it is an unpredictable event that disrupts their lives by unleashing a surprising treasure hunt that will make the protagonists investigate life, death and their relationship inseparable!

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