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    March 25, 2021

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Make dishes to serve everyone!

Chop, roast and stew ......

Use your fingertips to mix ingredients and cook delicious dishes!

Be sure to experience this new sensory cooking game.

These delicious dishes are sure to make your mouth water.

Let's make dishes!

The cooking process is presented in a light and simple mini-game. Over 30 gourmet menus are waiting for you. The goal is to become! Chef Extraordinaire!

Happy Village!

Grow your restaurant by entertaining everyone with dishes made in it and run your own gorgeous restaurant!

You can cultivate all kinds of things in fishing grounds, farms and pastures, and get a harvest!

Get a lot of harvest and use it to trade with Happy Foods!

Game Square!

In addition to being a little helper in the store, opening a store and playing house, and brain gymnastics, there are also plenty of games outside of cooking. There are more than 30 fun-filled games waiting for you. Try the challenge and see how high you can score!

Challenge Ranking!

is holding a weekly game with a changing theme to compete for high scores. Join the competition in Ranking around the world!

There are other fun and interesting elements.

Try to decorate the kitchen with various gadgets.

Try combining two recipes to create a surprise dish.

Enjoy the real cooking videos and recipes.

・Mom's fun daily animation is being shown.

The game is very intuitive and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. And even if you fail, the game will not end, so anyone can simply finish the dish. Moreover, children will be interested in cooking after playing.


How to play

Players follow the instructions of a nominal "mom" to cook various meals. This is done through a variety of kitchen tasks performed using the device's controller (usually a touch screen), such as chopping vegetables, slicing meat, flipping food in a pan and arranging the final items on a plate. Each of these tasks is accomplished by completing a mini-game that typically lasts less than 10 seconds. The structure of the series consists of the player progressively playing a series of short minigames.

Each minigame represents a different activity during the meal, such as mixing, frying, or chopping the provided ingredients. The minigame mechanics themselves range from quickly drawing parallel lines to chop items, to rhythmic play (in which ingredients are added to the skillet or heat is adjusted at the correct time). If the player makes a serious mistake or time expires without making sufficient progress, that step in the cooking process is considered a failure. When this happens, an angry "Mom" graphic is displayed with flames coming out of her eyes and the caption "Don't worry, Mom will fix it!" is displayed. .

Completing a dish may require playing one minigame, or up to twelve minigames. The player's performance is scored after completing each dish, based on the average result of each mini-game. Depending on the final score, the game may award the player a bronze, silver or gold medal. The highest medal earned for each dish is recorded and displayed next to each dish on the selection screen.


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