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    31 March 2021

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    Big Blue Bubble
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Welcome to my singing monsters! Breed them, feed them and listen to them sing!

Keep a monster pet and then feed your musical monsters to help them grow. Take care of the fun collection of monster characters in this free music game for the whole family!

Create an island full of singing monsters, then watch the songs evolve as you breed and upgrade the happy monster pets. Design and build unique decorations to make your world look the way you want it to, then share your creations with friends! You'll love exploring the fantastical world of Magical Fantasy!

Join "My Singing Monsters" now - Happy Monsters!


-Collect and upgrade over 250 cute and fun monsters -Last year dragons were so ......

-Customize your island with cool decorations and catchy music

-Enjoy awesome graphics and character animations

-Play with friends from around the world

-Discover new updates and events throughout the year


How to play

My  Singing Monsters is a musical game in which you collect little monsters and conduct them in chorus. Each little monster has its own unique tune, vocal line and personality, so you can create your own digital symphony of little monsters. Hatch them or buy them in the shop and watch them sing, play and dance. Don't forget that you have to feed them so that they can perform better.

1. There are various monsters to feed, collect and upgrade.

2. The interesting thing is that these monsters all have their own unique songs.

3, players can collect them to create their own unique sound of the world.

4. What is known so far is that there are over 30 types of monsters to collect and each island has its own music hall.


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