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Zeyang Li


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    April 9, 2021/March 5, 2021

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    Zeyang Li
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"The game tells the story of alien creatures taking away the magic stone that maintains the world. Players will play as knights, assassins and other characters to participate in the game and retrieve the magic stone.

"In an era of gunfire, the magic stone that keeps the world in balance has been stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging by a thread. It all depends on your ability to retrieve the magic stone ......" Let's shoot some alien minions! This is the game you've always wanted in your subconscious. Explore the dungeons, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot them all! Extremely simple and intuitive controls; super smooth and enjoyable gameplay mixed with rogue-like elements.

The game is divided into a total of three major levels and five minor levels, for a total of 16 levels. There are 8 types of scenario maps, with different monsters refreshed depending on the scenario, and different town bosses for each level. The refreshing of the scenes is completely random. At the same time, the scene is distributed with various types of boxes, hit by bullets will produce different effects. There are also basic scenes such as the initial hall, the iconic cellar, the garden, and additional scenes in endless mode.

Features: * Unique heroes with unique abilities.

*170+ weapons waiting for you to explore. *Randomly generated dungeon worlds for a new experience every time.

*NPCs that really matter! They will fight by your side. They will fight beside you!

* Auto-targeting mechanics, super intuitive controls!

* More features that you will find in the game.

The game brings a very different gaming experience in terms of gameplay content, painting style, sound effects and even operation. The game art is in retro pixel art style and the story is set in a dark and gloomy dungeon. Bullet shooting and melee fighting have strong dynamic combat feedback, in the battle can feel a very exciting sense of immersion.


How to play

Players have a novel feeling in every leveling experience. The game is not designed to be too heavy on the gameplay, but through the fast-paced battle, random dungeon battle to let players experience the fun of the game, although the game in the consumption of the setting to sell some characters, but most of the characters can still be directly through the game gold to get, so the game is a certain degree of playability.

The game sets the plot for the game has high-tech alien creatures took away the magic stone to maintain the balance of the magic world, and the player must retrieve the magic stone to save the world.

Players need to control the player's chosen game character, in the lobby to check the battle records and make battle preparations, in the battle using weapons, character skills and talents (passive skills) to fight with enemies and dodge attacks, and finally achieve victory.


* Unique heroes with unique abilities.

* More than 120 weapons waiting for you to explore.

* Randomly generated dungeon worlds for a new experience every time.

* Really important NPCs! They will fight by your side!

* Auto-targeting mechanics for ultra-intuitive control.


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