The Seven Deadly Sins

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    June 3, 2021

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    Netmarble Corporation
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A new turn-based role-playing game! A novel approach to combat! A strategic battle system using skill synthesis.

Skills with the same star rating will upgrade to higher levels when they are adjacent to each other!

Feel the thrill of battle each turn in a dynamic battle system.

Combine cards and use them to trigger the "ultimate move" to destroy your opponent!

Create your own strategies by combining the unique skills of the [Seven Deadly Sins] characters.

Team up with friends to take down giant demons in Deathmatch mode and enjoy a wide variety of PvP content.

Enjoy Deathmatch, 2-player co-op content played in real time!

Defeat demons with friends to defend the kingdom before time runs out!

An arena where you can compete against players from all over the world awaits you.

Find your own winning strategy!

Build your own team in Seven Deadly Sins!

The Seven Deadly Sins] Heroes Assemble!

Dress your character in unique costumes never seen before!

A wide range of hairstyles and accessories to suit your customization needs!

Check out the new look of the [Seven Deadly Sins] characters!

The original world recreated in detail - the animated story beautifully reborn!

The continent of Great Britain has been resurrected! The Holy War that ended 3,000 years ago has begun anew.

Experience high-resolution 3D animated transitions and prepare for the holy war with the characters of the Seven Deadly Sins.


How to play

This is a new PRG game that allows you to experience what this game is all about by skill synthesising new battles. You can fight with your friends to destroy enemies or build your own team.

By playing the game's tutorial, you will be given several main characters that will be able to form a three-person squad for the battles that follow. Of course, you will have many other characters to unlock during the course of the game, including villains or opponents from the comics.

When you are no longer fighting, you can choose to go to Boar Hat, a mobile tavern that moves on the backs of little green pigs. You can return to the Boar Hat by clicking on the "Tavern" icon on the navigation menu at the bottom of the game screen. And because it's a tavern, you can also chat with other characters, cook food (but not if you're Meliodas), serve drinks to customers and more in the tavern.

You can move around by simply tapping where you want to walk. Once you're close enough to another character, you'll see bubbles above their head to indicate that you can interact. An exclamation mark indicates that someone is eager to communicate and the best answer to talking to a character can increase your goodwill. Incidentally, the same controls will also work when you are walking through the village, so it is highly recommended that you take some time to learn your way around the Boar's Hat.

The main story of The Seven Deadly Sins will hold the attention of most players, but there is much to do beyond the chapters that drive the overall narrative. To get to grips with it all, click on the 'Quests' icon. There, you'll see a menu that neatly organises and simplifies the game's content. If you want to keep developing the main story, follow the main quest line and follow the main story. You can also click on the "Start Now" button when you encounter them, both of which will take you where you need to go.

A smaller quest menu can be found in the top right corner of most other game screens. Simply click on the mission you want to play and you will have the option to jump directly to the mission you are currently performing. It will find mission npc's based on your mission and you will find these at the top of the screen under the name. If you want to navigate on your own, tap on the "World" button and go to the world map.


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